This morning I am playing with clustering SQL Server 2008 on Windows 2003 for the first time. This is to prove that we will be able to install a new SQL Server 2008 instance into our existing 4-node, 4-instance cluster at work, which is currently Windows 2003 Server with SQL Server 2005 instances. It took a while to get hold of a test cluster, but I finally have it.

I have set up clustering (with the usual MSDTC hassles!), and a SQL 2005 instance. Created a group for the first 2008 instance, ran the setup for 2008, did the prerequisites, Hotfix for MS Installer, .Net 3.0 whatever it is, then went through the WHOLE set up .. which is about 12 screens full of configs, etc -everything basically, no I don’t want to use FILESREAM .. and the final page, it tells me I can’t proceed because I haven’t installed a hotfix for FILESTREAM for Windows 2003 Server. GRRRR!!

I don’t even WANT to install pesky FILESTREAM! So I had to cancel out of that entire setup, download the Hotfix (KB937444), install it, reboot both nodes, then start again from scratch. Big GRRR! Anyway, I’m getting there now. Will post some details on the setup with screenshots when I’ve done it.

By the way, this is my first ever blog post! My name is Tom Pullen and I am a Senior DBA (Database Administrator) in Oxfordshire, UK. More to come!


23 thoughts on “SQL Server 2008 Clustering on Windows 2003 Server

  1. I\’m waiting for my cluster to come back up for this very reason! I can\’t believe this isn\’t part of the pre-req check, since I don\’t even want to install FILESTREAM! Too bad I didn\’t catch you entry before I went through the 15 minute process of entering all my choices into the installer, since here I go again!

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