I am in training for riding this year’s Étape du Tour. This is where you ride a stage of the Tour De France, a few days before the professionals come through and do it as part of the race. This year it is the infamous and formidable Mont Ventoux:-


My friend from work, James, let me know a few weeks ago that he had news of a few entry-only places (normally you have to do it as part of tour package, which is expensive). In the heat of the moment I agreed! So I am in training … got some hard miles to put in!

As you can see it’s a bit of a mental ride – lots of testing climbs before the climax – 21 km up Mont Ventoux at an average incline of 7.6%! And that’s after 146km of riding through hilly Provence terrain. I must be clinically insane:


This will take place in the July heat of southern France!

Wish me luck .. I’m going to need it. I’ve done 78 miles this week including riding to work every day and I am feeling better already. Now, where can I find me some hills!?


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