On Thursday last week Anna and I went to London to see School Of Seven Bells at ULU. It’s a decent venue, small/mid-size, nice and airy. School of Seven Bells were absolutely great – we both went not knowing what to expect but they certainly exceeded all my expectations!


One thing I certainly wasn’t expecting was how loud it was! I could feel the hairs on my arms and chest trembling, we could both feel it in our solar plexuses. School of Seven Bells aren’t in any way a noisy of loud band, their music is described as ‘ethereal dream-pop’ (??), but it was a meaty PA at ULU.

The singers in SVIIB are identical twin sisters, Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, and they are a pair of honeys! Even Anna said she was surprised by how pretty they are, after we only saw some quite dodgy pics before we went. Highlights of the set for me were Chain, which was quite different from the album version (no voice modulation, for example) – it’s my favourite SVIIB song, and Iamundernodisguise.

Really great – if they come to a town near you – go. Or even travel!


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