Recently I was tasked with adding a new node to an existing 5-node Windows 2003/SQL Server 2005 cluster. This was much more troublesome than you’d expect!

The first issue I ran into was during the very first step, adding the new node to the cluster (the node had already been built with OS, networking, etc). The node add failed with the following error:-

CLUS01: Could not verify that node "" can host the quorum resource. (hr=0x800713de, {A976DC09-0108-410A-AF57-68C05F9A42F7}, {4518DA37-669B-4C46-9A2B-E903835A8E6B}, 1, 1, 1), Ensure that your hardware is properly configured and that all nodes have access to a quorum-capable resource.

This is worked around as detailed in this MSKB article. This runs the Cluster Add Node step with minimal as opposed to detailed checks, because it doesn’t understand complex SAN pathing.

That fixed the first issue. On to the next! On trying to add the node again, I repeatedly got the error

There is not enough server storage to process this command.

This error also could be generated by attempting to run cluster administrator on the new node. You used to get this error on Windows 2000 if your registry wasn’t sized adequately. Fortunately one of my colleagues tracked down the problem, which was incorrect settings of the following two Registry Keys:-


Both were set to 0, but needed to be set to 537395248 (Hex 20080030). Hmmm.

Finally, I had my new node added and could format & mount my new LUNs and add them as cluster resources. Windows 2003 has a a little ‘glitch’ which stung me here, as it would do on this blighted job, where it seems to forget the drive letter you have assigned the new drive. You have to delete the partitions in disk administrator and start again.

So finally I could proceed to my SQL Server 2005 instance install. For this (I learned the hard way), you must do an unattended install, because using an interactive install there is no way to specify the Windows AD account for the SQL Browser service on the new node. Setup fails with a totally unhelpful error if you do not:-

Could not find the file specified.

So finally I got somewhere with my unattended install. End of woes? No way. The setup did not graciously complete, even thought to all intents and purposes it had finished (I could see all SQL Server cluster resources, and these were working fine, with a clean error log). I had to end task on all the setup.exe processes on the cluster nodes. But after that it was all sweetness and light. A true test of perseverance and tenacity!


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