Our Scottish adventure: 2 Many DJs at Glasgow 02


Last weekend on the 29th August, my great friend Lindsay and I went on a madcap 16 hour flying visit to Glasgow to see one 2 Many DJs. It was very tiring, and great fun.

Originally we were considering going to see them at Creamfields in Warrington, but didn’t really fancy the hassle of a full-blown festival. Lindsay noticed that they were also playing in Glasgow, and I said, Come On, Let’s Go! The flights were very cheap, certainly cheaper than even driving for the two of us.

We set off for Luton on Saturday afternoon and after a couple of beers (for me – Lindz is a teetotaler!!) in the bar, we boarded our flight to Glasgow. I absolutely love flying, as anyone who has seen my Aeroplanes album on Facebook will know. Lindsay loves it too but hadn’t been on a plane for over 7 years!

Impressively, and totally unprecedentedly in my experience of budget airlines, both flights actually pushed back from the gate 5 minutes early! The flight up was lovely, sunny with broken cloud, and we were both excited!

Of course when we arrived at Glasgow there was low cloud and rain, which was a bit of a shame because otherwise we’d have got great views of the city as we skirted to the East and North of it as we approached the airport.

We both managed to grab some pictures on the apron at Glasgow airport as we disembarked until a jobsworth in a high-vis vest came and told us off.


Our plane was a lovely A319:

We were greeted in Scotland by a beautiful, complete rainbow:

“You’re not allowed to take pictures!” … too late!

We made our way to the bus (it was weird travelling with no luggage, not even hand baggage – we were overnighting, but not with any sleeping!). The Glasgow Flyer was another cheap journey, and before long we were in the City Centre. We had planned to eat at Le Tasca, as Lindz had a half-price voucher for it, but when we found it we were told there was a 1½hour wait for a table. No thanks! This was a blessing in disguise as we found a far better option, the marvellous Spice Garden, which is under the arches beneath the railway lines just on the south side of the Clyde. By the time we sat down it was about 9pm and we were both ravenous. It was one of the loveliest curries I’ve ever had, and I can safely say it was the best Naan bread I’ve ever had.

We then made our way along to the O2, both feeling rather stuffed! The gig time was 2200 to 0300. We both expected 2 Many DJs to come on at about 1230, but they kept us waiting till after 0130. However, we were well entertained by the warm-up DJs, and also the hilarious, generally off-their-faces Glaswegians. One woman (who, according to her even more trollied husband, was ‘leathered’) was convinced I was Chris Moyles (totally insulting, eh?). Another bloke understandably mistook us for security – asking Lindsay why he couldn’t find out when the show would start – “Don’t you get told in your earpiece?” .. !! Most of the audience were on a fairly different plane to us, we were definitely the straight guys. I didn’t even have many beers, the queue at the bar was horrendous and I knew I had a long journey to make afterwards!

The 2 Many DJs set was great, and very LOUD. Pardon? Both our ears were ringing for a while afterwards. It was also fiendishly hot, what with all the sweaties! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!). The set was great though. 2 Many DJs mash up other songs, coupled with clever use of videos. Not many other people manage to get Slayer to segue seamlessly into Dolly Parton.

The set started with the Gossip and ended with a great blast of On A Plain by Nirvana.



So, sweaty and buzzing, we stumbled out into the wreckage that is Glasgow city centre at 0330 on a Sunday morning. It was quite an eye-opener. Lots of alcohol casualties, women weeing in shop doorways, lots of group singing, drizzle, kebabs, and decadence.

We found our way to Buchanan Bus Station to find we’d missed the hourly bus to the airport by 3 minutes, so we had to wait under the fluorescent lights for the next one. When it arrived, I was on it and alseep before it pulled out! Fortunately I had Lindz with me to wake me up when we got there, unlike another traveller who was totally conked out, we cruelly left him to sleep and presumably do several airport to city centre roundtrips before he woke up!

We went airside and I crashed out again. Lindz had to wake me up at 0730 as my snoring was beginning to alarm a nearby family. We retired to the bar for a capuccino/hot chocolate, and found a comfy stool among the hardcore Jocks drinking beer, rum, and anything else alcoholic (e.g. WKD) at breakfast time!? WTF?

Before long we were on the plane, I slept soundly till we were nearly at Luton, and once we’d picked up the car and made a quick trip round the M25 and M40, we were home by lunch time, ready for a nap. Thank you to my gorgeous girlfriend Anna for looking after my kids while we were away. And thanks to Lindsay for a great adventure. We’re going to go to Amsterdam next!