On Friday 16th April 2010, I presented at SQLBits 6. It was held for the first time in London, and also (another great improvement) on a Friday as opposed to Saturdays as before. Unsurprisingly it was by far the best attended SQLBits Community Day (free for attendees and speakers unpaid, expenses covered by sponsors) so far, with 438 attendees.

I really enjoyed the sessions that I managed to attend. Keith Burns on first presenting about SQL Azure, which seems to be progressing steadily despite the hitherto apparently crippling lack of features, Conor Cunningham was next who stealthily managed to avoid the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland to fly in from Texas and present a fascinating session on the Query Optimizer. He was in a room which was used to hold parliament during WW2 (the venue itself is very close to the Houses of Parliament, right next to Westminster Abbey). It was packed – standing room only!

parkplaza I also attended Tony Rogerson’s session on Normalisation and a round-table open Q&A session after lunch with Keith, Conor and Simon Sabin to fill in for a cancelled session by Klaus Aschenbrenner who couldn’t make it due to the closed airspace. I was up at 3.10pm, presenting on High Availability In The Real World, attempting to give an honest and grounded outline of the pros and cons of the HA various options. I was pleased with the turn-out, had some good questions during and after, and felt generally satisfied.

Whizzed off after that to check in to the very cool hotel (picture from the atrium looking north (L)) – it’s only been open for 3 weeks! There are some other good pictures here, including some of the day in general.

Then I hurried back to the Church House Conference Centre for some well-earned beers at the post-conference party. I hung out for a while with Iain Kick from Quest who was pleased to have heard me plugging his company’s software twice during my session!

I stumbled out at 7.30 to meet my girlfriend and some other friends for drinks and dinner. All in all a great day, thanks as ever to the organisers, Simon, Darren, Allan, Tim, Martin, James, etc – great job, can’t wait till the next one.

Simon mentioned it might be in Oxford next time round – yes please, I’ll be able to cycle in!

You will be able to find links to my slides and sample scripts on the SQLBits site soon.


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