Submit a session for SQLBits SQL Bits 7 has just been announced and it’s going to be in York at the end of September! The free community day is Saturday, with 2 paid days on Thursday and Friday, similar to SQL Bits 5. I have submitted a session on ‘Performance Tuning Quick Wins’! It was a compulsive thing .. I hope I get chosen!

I will let you know when voting opens!

I have a week off this week in between jobs. I had my last day at RM on Friday last week, I will be starting my new role at Helveta on Monday next week, I am very excited about it!

I’m greatly enjoying a bit of free time. I am spending a lot of it here:-

Yesterday, the summer solstice, was perfect: 25°C, cloudless sky, and barely any wind. The pool was heavenly!

For the rest of the week, it’s more of the same, with a few lunch meetings with friends and ex-colleagues, then on Thursday I’m going down to look after my Mum’s farm (pictured, right) while she and her husband are away. The forecast is excellent, I can’t wait for some lovely swims in the Atlantic (maybe at Perranporth beach, below)!

I am going to take my bike (bottom right) and do some riding on the lovely, rolling, quiet roads of North Devon. I hope you’re envious!!

I love having a week off at this time of the year – I should definitely do it more often!

But maybe not always unpaid …..


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